Current CMP Competitors

Limited Modified 6200#

Wicked Stepmother

Mark Asleson 

Rolling Thunder

Bryan Janke

The Gambler

Jason Fechtner

Piston Packing Mama

Blaine and Andrew Asleson

Modified 6000# & 6500#

Blue Ox Reloaded

Brian Hruby

Dust Buster 1

Kyle & Brandon VonWahlde

Dust Buster 4

Kyle & Brandon VonWahlde

Light Super Stock 6500# & 7000#

Tripple Threat

Ronnie Middendorf

Dust Buster 2

Jim & Butch VonWahlde

Runnin Bare

Mark Haarsick

The Little Smoker

Tom Wood

Foolish Pleasure

Dave Walters

Open 8500# & 9000#


Mark & Chris Helgeson


Lenny Dziuk

Blue Ox Bull-istic

Dan Anderson

Flying Red Horse

Dave Steussy

Pro Farm 9500# & 10,000#

Iron Binder

Jake Decker

IH 1066

Steve Rudie

IH 1206

Bob Dillon

Steady Work

Brad Lantto

Mind If I Smoke

Allen Voigt

Black Stripe Overload

Duane Moench

Improved Diesel 4x4 Pickup 8500#

New for 2020 

3.0 Diesel 4x4 Pickup 8000#

New for 2020